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From expert pruning and removal to emergency services, our team combines skill and dedication to meet your needs. Trust us to elevate your property’s greenery with precision and care.

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Services We Offer

Tree Removal


Complex Locations

No tree too tricky. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to tree removal done correctly and safely. No job is too small either.

When it comes to removing big trees in tight areas we can definitely help. Where machinery access is limited we would use modern rigging and lowering techniques to sectionally dismantle trees with little impact to the surrounding areas. We also have plenty of experience working with cranes, HIABs and helicopters.

We can also structure the job however you like. If you want to keep the mulch or the wood we can leave it all on site for you. We can even dice up the firewood for you.

Trust us to handle your tree removal needs with professionalism and care.

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Tree pruning and sawing


Any Shape or Size

Trees often require pruning to help maintain them away from buildings and other structures. They can also start to impede views as the trees grow larger.

Our team of Arborists can either climb the tree or we can bring a lift to access the tree externally. There are many ways to achieve the results you are after, our job is to find the best solution for you.

We can thin the canopy to allow more light penetration and open views, remove the deadwood from the canopy mitigating branch failure, height/canopy reductions to bring the size of a tree down, crown lift to remove the lower branches from a tree to increase the trees ground clearance.

Should the tree overhang something valuable we can lower branches down with ropes and pulleys to mitigate any property damage.

For a more in-depth description please see below.

  • Crown lifting

Lower branches are removed to gain more ground clearance.

  • Deadwooding

Dead branches are removed from the canopy removing the in-tree hazard and helping the tree heal faster.

  • Canopy Thinning

Selected branches are removed throughout the canopy to allow better light penetration and improve views. Generally, we work to a total percentage up to 30%, any more than this can be detrimental to the tree.

  • Canopy Reduction

This is where the overall size of the tree is bought down. We do this whilst maintaining the shape of the tree and all cuts are completed correctly. THIS IS NOT TOPPING.

  • Tree topping

Topping is a poor style of height reduction where large stumps are left in the canopy leaving the tree looking unsightly and potentially causing more of an issue in the future. The tree produces fast growing epicormic shoots from the stumps which ruins the shape of the tree and causes weak branch structures in the future.

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Grinding a fallen tree stump in Auckland


Expert Servicing Auckland Wide

Stump grinding is a way of disposing of the remaining stump and root ball below ground level once the tree has been removed.

We have two grinders in our fleet. Our smaller unit is a handheld (chainsaw mounted) grinder that is perfect for those hard to get areas such as retaining walls or close to dwellings.

Our larger unit is a tracked 55hp unit operated by remote control. This weapon will tackle almost any sized stump.

Stumps are normally ground 200-300mm below ground level. Grindings are normally left on site over the existing stump in a tidy pile. We can quote to include extras such as removing the grindings, topsoiling, reseeding and grinding lateral/buttress roots.

Trust us for expert stump removal solutions tailored to your needs.

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Tree pruning and sawing


Our Large Capacity Chipper Turns Trees into Mulch

Turn your tree debris into valuable mulch with Hardfell Ltd’s professional tree chipping and mulching services. Our large-capacity chipper efficiently transforms trees into nutrient-rich mulch, perfect for landscaping projects.

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Grinding a fallen tree stump in Auckland


Hedge & Shelterbelt Maintenance

Weather it be re-establishing a hedge or maintaining an existing one we are able to help. We can get nice clean lines and reshape your balls!

We can also add you onto our maintenance programme so you don’t need to worry about following up with us as we’ll always have your job scheduled in.

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Tree Removal


Any Hour or Place – Fallen Trees / Split Trunks

Hardfell Ltd understands that tree emergencies can happen at any hour and any place.

Whether it’s a fallen tree blocking your driveway or a split trunk endangering your property, our expert team is ready to respond swiftly. With our round-the-clock availability, trust us to handle your emergency tree needs promptly and effectively.

Hardfell Professional Arborists offer emergency quick response tree care. With emergency storm clearing services we deal with any storm damaged trees quickly and efficiently. Clearing up all debris and mess. If you have fallen trees or branches that are a risk to surrounding properties and people then give us a call today.

Contact us anytime for immediate assistance.

Tree Removal


Hazard Minisation Tree Maintenance

Tree bracing is a good way to retain a tree, as opposed to removing it. If a hazardous limb has been identified, we can brace the tree so that in the event of a failure the bracing will hold the limb in place. Tree propping is more used for wide spreading trees with low structural branches that need a hand – we place an upright pole on the underside so the limb doesn’t stress too much thus lessening the chance of failure.

Ensure the structural integrity of your trees with Hardfell Ltd’s expert tree bracing and propping services. Our skilled arborists use advanced techniques and materials to support weakened or damaged trees, preventing further damage and promoting their longevity. Trust us to stabilize your trees safely and effectively.

Contact us for professional tree care solutions tailored to your needs.

Grinding a fallen tree stump in Auckland


Taking Safety Serously

Got a large scale development? Maybe you have a large property that requires multiple trees removed. With our diggers, large chippers, commercial stump grinders and trucks we have the solution! Get a clean slate before you start excavating and let us be your first point of contact. We can organise the traffic management should it be required and you can trust all our H&S documentation will be 100%.

At Hardfell Ltd, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a commitment we take seriously. With rigorous training and strict adherence to industry standards, we ensure the utmost safety for our team and your property. Trust us to execute every project with precision and caution, keeping safety at the forefront.

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Tree pruning and sawing


Highly Trained & Affordable

Elevate your tree maintenance projects with Hardfell Ltd’s contract climbing services. Our highly trained climbers tackle even the most challenging tasks with precision and efficiency.

With a focus on safety and affordability, we offer professional solutions tailored to your needs. Trust us to reach new heights in tree care.

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Tree Removal


Aged Arborist Mulch

We sell bulk aged mulch in loads of 8, 10, 15m3 loads. This can be delivered anywhere in Auckland. Please note this is Arborist mulch. We cannot guarantee it is free from Palm and weed species. All vegetation is process through a high production a wood chipper

and taken to our yard where it is aged for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Contact us for professional tree care solutions tailored to your needs.

Grinding a fallen tree stump in Auckland


Retrieving your precious things

At Hardfell we have the ability to get to places others can’t. So if you’re in a pickle and have something stuck please give us a call. Our other services are as follows..

  • Cat Rescues
  • Drone/Kite Retrieval
  • Tree Planting
  • Palm Pruning
  • Palm Cleaning
  • Fairy Light Installation
  • Tree Bolting
  • Night Works

Contact us ASAP to rescue your furry baby.

About Us

Hardfell professional arborist are focused on safety.

Founded by Shaun Hardman, our team brings over eight years of expertise and a Level Four Advanced Certificate in Horticulture (Arboriculture) to every project.

From meticulous pruning to emergency services, we’re dedicated to fostering healthy trees and satisfied clients.

Our skills and expertise allow us to deliver exceptional services Auckland wide.


Hardfell ensures a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed service, prioritizing safety, environmental consciousness, and minimal inconvenience for our clients. Our highly trained arborists handle diverse contracts for various clients and organizations, offering expertise in tree care. We focus on enhancing your property’s environmental balance and aesthetic appeal through strategic pruning and tree modification. From promoting shade and privacy to fostering wildlife habitats, we consult with you to meet your specific needs. Our services cover all aspects of tree pruning, enhancing both the visual appeal and long-term health of your tree assets. Trust Hardfell for friendly, reliable, and professional tree care solutions.